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NICAP: Customer Service is Key

Project Description: The UF Health Customer Service is the Key Program is UF Health’s employee recognition program for recognizing outstanding performance and behavior. Nominations can be made by internal staff and patients. All nominated employees receive a gold key and a Customer Service Key (CSK) pin to wear with their ID badges. Individuals nominated multiple times are eligible for gift cards and other recognition. Every quarter, all nominations are reviewed and one extraordinary employee will receive the CEO Award. CEO Award winners receive a gift card, personal recognition from the UF Health Shands CEO and a paid day off.

QPI: Maria, Casanueva, (

Collaborators: Jacqueline, Baron Lee, (; Noheli, Gamez, (; Marissa, Stone, (; Jared, Burdgess, (

Advisors: Jacqueline, Baron Lee, (

UF Health Big Aims:

MeSH Keywords: Job Satisfaction, Personal Satisfaction, Staff Development, Patient Satisfaction, customer service, Staff Appreciation