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Collaborative learning teams to teach and assess teamwork behaviors and attitudes

Project Description: The Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education published updated standards for Doctor of Pharmacy degree programs in 2016. One of the new required elements in the standards is to provide an assessment of individual students ability to work in teams prior to graduation. With the inception of the new curriculum at the University of Florida College of Pharmacy in Fall 2015, an assessment plan has been developed to assess team work behaviors and attitudes. The curriculum incorporates collaborative learning teams that remain consistent in all courses throughout the duration of the academic year. A peer evaluation process has been put into place to permit students to evaluate and receive three formative peer evaluation results with one summative evaluation at the conclusion of the year. Prior published work in establishing an appropriate assessment plan related to team work behaviors and attitudes does not exist in Pharmacy education.

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MeSH Keywords: team-based learning, teamwork, peer evaluation, collaborative learning teams