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Hand Hygiene

Project Description: Anesthesia providers included will be those who provide verbal consent and agree to the survey and the intervention to evaluate their hand hygiene practice. The information for the survey will not be identified other than the year of the provider and will link their post intervention feedback on whether there is room for improvement and feedback about practice habits with their preliminary data. A gel will be placed on the hands and then with hand washing removed by the participant. The hands that have been washed will then be displayed using blue light technique and the areas that the gel remains will be shown. The areas of the hands that are illuminated will be noted. The data analysis will involve analysis of this data as aggregate data to see if there are particular areas that are missed more frequently and this data compared to over 300 other providers here at UF Shands that have completed these observations. In addition there will be before and after analysis of possible improvement with hand washing and practice habit feedback.

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MeSH Keywords: Anesthesia, Quality Improvement, Hand Hygiene, education, practice habits