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Neuromedicine Interdisciplinary Clinical and Academic Program (NICAP): Changing Culture through Leadership Luncheons

Project Description: Leadership Sponsored Luncheons are a method that helps staff feel appreciated by the teams they work within and assist every day. Interest and need for Leadership Luncheons stems from the NICAP Culture Improvement Survey which measures Staff Satisfaction and Staff Burnout using standard metrics. Included in the survey are open-ended questions that ask for ways to improve work-culture. These data specifically articulated that staff wanted forums for feeling appreciated and many mentioned the idea of leadership sponsored luncheons. In addition, a transform culture working group is held monthly to perform iterative PDSAs on gaining buy-in related to leadership sponsored luncheons, ways to improve them, and expand them. Through this process, the program has expanded to include both faculty and non faculty leaders.

QPI: Marissa, Stone, (

Collaborators: Noheli, Gamez, (; Jared, Burdgess, (

Advisors: Jacqueline, Baron Lee, (

UF Health Big Aims: Transform our Culture None

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