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Mobile phones and asthma management

Project Description: In the United States, an estimated 73% of adolescents own or have access to a smartphone and, on an average day, adolescents spend over 2.5 hours using a smartphone. The ubiquitous nature of mobile phones coupled with technological advances in recent years has given rise to a rapid proliferation in mobile health (mHealth) interventions that use mobile devices to target a range of health promotion and disease management foci. A number of mHealth programs (e.g., apps) focused on disease management are freely available on the Google Play or App Store and recent research has demonstrated that these programs can be effective in improving health outcomes in youth. mHealth programs may be a viable alternative to improve patient care in pediatric asthma. To date, however, the Pediatric Pulmonary Division has not systematically inquired about the extent to which adolescent patients and their caregivers are using and/or may be interested in using mHealth programs to facilitate asthma management. We propose to conduct a brief survey to inquire about which, if any, mHealth programs adolescents with asthma are using to manage their asthma and what features they may want in an asthma management mHealth program. This information will allow us to do the following to improve patient care: 1) assess the quality of mHealth programs that our patients are currently using, 2) help us to identify mHealth programs that may be a good fit for what patients are seekings, and 3) potentially inform the development of a future mHealth program that could be used by our patients.

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MeSH Keywords: Adolescent Health, Asthma, Pediatrics, Technology, Mobile Applications