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Road Map to Culture of Patient Safety: Feasibility of Interdisciplinary Mock Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

Project Description: An interdisciplinary mock RCA will be conducted with residents from Internal Medicine and Radiology. A sentinel event case relevant to the practice of internal medicine and radiology will be created. The residents will receive clinical details few days in advance to the scheduled simulation to familiarize themselves with the case. Prior to mock RCA, the process and goals of RCA will be presented. The residents are divided into interdisciplinary teams consisting of 2 Internal Medicine and 2 Radiology residents to discuss the case, develop a process map and formulate a root cause statement. The residents will be provided the opportunity to interview any of the healthcare professional involved in the case upon request. The sessions conclude with each group presenting their root cause statement and recommending action(s) to the mock executive committee. The different approaches to RCA and potential impact and limitations of presented actions will be discussed with the participating residents.

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