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Pain Management for Adult Patients s/p Cardiothoracic Surgery following transfer from the CICU to Unit 54

Project Description: Unit 54 receives patients from CICU s/p cardiothoracic surgical procedures. Medications routinely ordered in CICU for pain management include fentanyl IV to achieve pain goals, hydromorphone IV, scheduled high dose tylenol, and po oxycodone. ON transfer to Unit 54, oxycodone po q 4 hours and tylenol are ordered. The most recent quality data available (from July, 2015 through June, 2016) showed the we had room to improve in the area of pain management. At this time, Unit 54 does not use a consistent process for teaching post-op cardiothoracic surgery (aka TCV) patients about the plan for managing their post-op pain on Unit 54. Under the direction of Nurse Manager Rose Phillips, the 54 pain management PIT team, 54's Unit Practice Council, and Clinical Leader Karen Majorowicz have identified a plan to improve our practice in this area and have come up with the following plan: 1) For 1 month, we will ask all TCV patients transferred to 54 to answer a few questions about their pain management experience on 54. 2) We will next work with the nursing staff to implement discussion and education about pain management with each TCV patient at the time of the patient's transfer from CICU to 54. using short PDSA cycles, we will monitor the implementation process and make adjustments as indicated. At the end of 3 months, we will again ask all TCV patients at the time of discharge to answer the original questions about their pain management on 54. Data will be evaluated to determine if the process improved patient satisfaction with pain management.

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