Project Information

Streamlining Care of the ELBW (Extremely Low Birth Weight)

Project Description: Caring for ELBW infants is a complicated process which requires high attention to detail. This project seeks to streamline the care of these infants by creating an order set and practice parameter based on current literature and best practices for all clinicians in the NICU at UF Health to follow. Using current literature we will create a practice parameter to guide the management of ELBWs in the first few hours of life. Additionally, to help ensure success in following the parameter, we will create an order set specific to this unique group of patients based on the practice parameter. The practice parameter and order set will address the needs of the ELBW at admission and include things such as nutrition/fluid management, medications, and monitoring procedures. We will collect baseline data to determine the variation in these practices as well as significant morbidities that may be associated with the variation. Then, following implementation of the parameter and order set we will again follow these practices and morbidities to look for change.

QPI: Meredith, Mowitz, (



UF Health Big Aims: Reduce Variation None

MeSH Keywords: Infant, Premature, Intensive Care Units, Neonatal