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An Evaluation of the HEDIS Countdown Call Campaign at Community Care Plan

Project Description: Community Care Plan uses the Plan Do Study Act (PDSA) cycle to implement and perform its quality improvement initiatives. With one hundred (100) days left in the 2016 calendar year, over thirteen thousand (13,000) enrollees displayed gaps in their HEDIS measures. These gaps were identified across 7 different HEDIS measures: Adult Access to Preventative Care (AAP), Cervical Cancer Screenings(CCS), Breast Cancer Screenings (CBS), Well-Child visit for ages 3 through 6 (W34), Adolescent Well-Care ages 12 through 17 (AWC 12-17), Adolescent Well-Care ages 18 through 20 (AWC 18-20), and Children and Adolescent Access to Primary Care (CAP). To alleviate this gap, CCP implemented the HEDIS Countdown Call Campaign. The HEDIS Countdown Call Campaign was performed to improve quality and health outcomes for its members. The HEDIS Countdown Call Campaign was an after business-hours outreach call campaign that took place from October 26th 2016 through December 17th, 2016. The employees used a AHCA approved script to collect qualitative data. This evaluation will look at the “Study” facet of PDSA by evaluating the data set. The evaluation will look at two sets of deidentified data. The first set, is call campaign data that includes the number of enrollees and if the call made to him or her was “successful” or “not successful”. A “successful” call was a call an enrollee answered and listened to the caller on the line. Subcategories for this data include reasons for an “unsuccessful” and for a “successful” call. The second set of data includes the number of enrollees and if his or her HEDIS gap was closed (Yes or No). The evaluation will focus on two questions. In the short term, were the number of successful calls made reaching or exceeding industry standard by December 2016? In the midterm, by March 2017, were the gaps of all “successful” calls closed?

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