Project Information

Improving lactation practices through self-efficacy

Project Description: The purpose of this project is to improve the percentage of mother’s providing milk for their infant in the NICU. This project hopes to accomplish this through educating staff on an evidence-based practice (EBP) change implementation in the NICU. The EBP includes a lactation support group developed under the self-efficacy theory by Dr. Dennis as well as including a peer-to-peer support. NICU staff will be educated on the evidence and the practice change. The project will provide support to the nurses as they implement the EBP practice change. The NICU already collects data of the percentage of mothers who provide milk for their infant, the percentage of infants receiving donor milk, and percentage of mothers who are making acceptable minimums at 15 days. This data is collected by the NICU for quality improvement processes and benchmarking. This project will continue to collect this data and evaluate the intervention for changes via run charts.

QPI: Dawn, Disalvo, (


Advisors: Candace, Rouse, (

UF Health Big Aims: Reduce Variation None

MeSH Keywords: Lactation, self-efficacy, support group