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Improving speed, efficiency, communication, and parent involvement of clinical patient rounds in the Congenital Heart Center

Project Description: Rounds on up to 22 patients with complex congenital cardiac defects can be time-consuming in order to be comprehensive. Patient safety and execution of the patient-specific plans detailed in rounds requires communication and participation from all of the members of a multi-disciplinary team. Failure to procure multidisciplinary input from all care providers and parents results in sub-optimal care and potential errors of omission and commission, as well as patient, parent and staff frustration. Rounds in the CHICU is complicated by the fact that sub-populations of medical, surgical, pre-transplant, immediate post-transplant, and remote transplant recipients with transplant related complications are all present. This is an observational study that seeks in the pre-intervention phase to study and record the participation of charge/resource nurse, bedside nurse, parents (if present), patient (if of age), physicians, extenders, residents, fellows, respiratory therapists, pharmacists, therapists (occupational, speech, and physical), dietician, and social work/case management. Frequency of interruptions and their sources will also be documented. After obtaining 4 months of observational data we will review the areas most in need of improvement and along with nurse leadership will implement corrective changes in our culture and then observe performance changes for four months after a one-month wash-in period. If appropriate, need for additional physical plant or personnel resources will also be considered.

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MeSH Keywords: Communication, Efficiency, Patient Care, Safety, Patient Satisfaction