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An Evaluation of Cardiac Rehab Education Understandability and Actionability in Open Heart Surgery Patients

Project Description: Patient education has proven to be an essential part of clinical and patient health outcomes. If patients are not understanding the information they receive while they are still inpatient after surgery, there is a potential risk for decreased patient health outcomes and an increased risk for multiple complications. Therefore, the purpose of this project is to examine the understandability and actionability of educational material of cardiac rehabilitation information presented to patients who have undergone open-heart surgery at Manatee Memorial Hospital. A patient sample size of 20 will be obtained and the PEMAT form will be utilized for evaluation. No personal identifiers will be used. Inclusion criteria includes open heart surgery requiring a sternotomy for coronary artery bypass or valve replacement. Exclusion criteria includes minimally invasive heart surgery and a stay in the cardiac ICU that extends longer than one week.

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