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Umbilical Cord Blood: An Underutilized Commodity

Project Description: Standard practice upon NICU admission requires up to ~4-5ml of blood directly drawn from majority of infants by peripheral or central sources ie. venipuncture, heel-stick, arterial draw, or centrally from umbilical line placement. This can account for up 10% circulating volume in select extremely low birth weight infants. Minimizing blood draws are critical component to avoiding iatrogenic blood loss, subsequent anemia and painful procedures. The use of fetal blood present in the umbilical cord segment is often discarded, yet can help decrease early phlebotomy losses on admission to NICU if utilized for diagnostic labs such as blood culture, complete blood count with differential, infant metabolic screening, blood type/coombs, and chromosomes, if needed. Umbilical cord blood has been used effectively and supported by literature.

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MeSH Keywords: Neonatal Sepsis, Intensive Care Units, Neonatal, Umbilical Cord Blood, Cord Blood Bundle, Neonatal Admission Labs