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Improving documentation of opioid induced constipation at UF Health Cancer Center

Project Description: Constipation is a commonly known side effect of opioid-use. However, it is less commonly known that opioid-induced constipation (OIC) is the most common and persistent side effect from opioid use. OIC affects approximately 10-15% of opioid-treated cancer patients negatively, thereby affecting the quality of life of our patients as well as health care resource utilization and costs. Opioid-induced constipation is a core QOPI measure addressing the need and importance of this issue. In spring 2017, UF Health Cancer Center scored approximately 45.45% in the number of charts assessed that documented constipation. This is significantly below the rate of the academic hospital aggregate which was approximately 55.61%.

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Advisors: Merry, Markham, (; Priya, Gopalan, (

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MeSH Keywords: Analgesics, Opioid, Constipation, Documentation, Medical Oncology, Medical Records