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Establishing a Resident Wellness Curriculum

Project Description: The career of a physician and specifically a medical resident is demanding and at times unforgiving. The toll on resident morale is often profound when balancing life, career, family and patient care. The goal of this project is to design and implement a sustainable resident wellness curriculum, in an effort to increase morale and foster resident resilience. Emphasis on micro-appreciations, chief resident availability, mental health advice and resources will be made to increase overall resident well-being. Residents will complete a MBI questionnaire prior to and after implementation of wellness curriculum in order to measure effectiveness of the new wellness curriculum.

QPI: Rica, Jester, (

Collaborators: Coty, Tino, (; George, Eldayrie, (; Denise, Driscoll, (

Advisors: Maribeth, Porter, (****)

UF Health Big Aims: Transform our Culture None

MeSH Keywords: Burnout, Professional, physician resilience, Wellness