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Pharmacist intervention and its impact on prescription fill rates

Project Description: In the literature it is estimated that about 30% of prescriptions ordered by physicians are never picked up by the patient. Through the Care One clinic which services many patients who are indigent, identified as low health literacy and recently have been in the ER or hospital, our suspicions is this rate is even higher. Our project would seek to first actually identify all the prescriptions prescribed in a one month period by our physicians, and try to quantify how many of those prescriptions were never picked up. During the fall we will implement increased patient education on new prescriptions authorized by the clinic physicians and in November try to quantify again if our efforts made a difference. We will also be implementing a questionnaire to identify patients at high risk of non-adherence. The pharmacy department is also simultaneously working on updating the charity care formulary which may impact patient costs (as we know cost to be a barrier).

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MeSH Keywords: Patient Compliance, Pharmacists, Medication Therapy Management, Medication Adherence, Compliance