Project Information

Pharmaceutical and Red Bag waste reduction in the Operating room

Project Description: This quality improvement project was created with several anesthesia residents to reduce both pharmaceutical waste and improve segregation of red bag and clear bag waste in the operating room. We have collaboration from pharmacy and OR nursing. After a baseline survey to assess attitudes about sustainability and waste reduction, we plan to collect baseline data of the amount of pharmaceutical waste and red bag waste generated, followed by education, signage, and addition of appropriate waste collection bins to improve segregation. After implementation, we will perform a follow up survey and more data collection to hopefully show an impact and reduction both in cost and environmental impact. We have obtained a University Scholars grant to support the pharmaceutical waste portion of this project, and hope to present our data at a future Sustainability meeting as well as publish our results.

QPI: Lauren, Berkow, (

Collaborators: Christopher, Johnson, (; Joel, Goodman, (; Claudia, Sotillo, (


UF Health Big Aims: Reduce Variation None

MeSH Keywords: Pharmacy Research, Pharmaceutical Research, sustainability, waste, environment