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Improving surgical outcomes with longitudinal clinical photography

Project Description: Residents regularly perform surgical procedures in dermatology and can self assess outcomes immediately post-operatively and at suture removal. However, the most accurate assessment of technical performance needs to performed after complete scar remodeling, typically at 3-6 months. It would be advantageous for the residents to be able to assess the aesthetic performance of their closures at that time point. This project is built to provide them that opportunity. They will assess their surgical performance at the time of surgery (when they are performing the majority of an excision or a reconstruction). Nursing staff will be instructed to obtain photographs of the wound post-operatively, at suture removal, and again at clinical follow up (presuming they are following up in our general dermatology clinic) at 3-6 months. The residents will then perform a final self-assessment, including review of their previous assessment with the intent to identity areas for improvement.

QPI: Kathryn, Potter, (

Collaborators: Michael, Montuno, (; Wallace, Nozile, (; Eric, Rudnick, (; Nicholas, Richmond, (; Jessica, Harris, (; Jennifer, Harb, (; Alexandra, Owens, (; Brandon, Brown, (

Advisors: Brandon, Brown, (; Sailesh, Konda, (****)

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