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Screening for Adverse Childhood Events in Primary Care

Project Description: Routine screening for ACEs is recommended by the AAP Brightfutures but for a myriad of reasons is poorly implemented in primary care settings. Having one or more ACEs can lead to increased risk of emotional, developmental and behavioral problems and early referrals to community resources and/or support services may help mitigate these problems. The purpose of this project is to improve routine screening practices within the 4 UF Health outpatient pediatric offices by using an EPIC questionnaire to initially screen patient families and ask them if they would like additional assistance. Since parents and/or an adult caregivers respond to the questionnaire on behalf of the child, it asks the non-abuse ACE items from the 2011-12 National Children's Health Survey.

QPI: Rebeccah, Mercado, (

Collaborators: Mori, Stern, (; Jaclyn, Otero, (; (; (; (; Molly, Posa, (; Rachel, Coleman, (


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MeSH Keywords: Adverse Childhood Events, Screening in Primary Care\, Emotional, developmental and behavioral problems