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Reduction of no show visits in pediatric dermatology

Project Description: The rate of "no shows", or appointment slots where patients fail to attend their scheduled appointment without notice, is historically higher amongst pediatric patients compared to adult patients. In UF pediatric dermatology, the rate historically has been 17-19%. A high patient no-show rate leads to significant lost revenue, as no payment is captured while the provider salary and operating costs remain the same. In the department of dermatology, patients are provided with appointment reminders via text message or voice call 2-3 days before the patient appointment. Patients are given the option to confirm the appointment. However, many may ignore the automated text or voice call and miss the opportunity to confirm or cancel their appointment. In pediatric dermatology, the no show rate is historically higher than general and surgical dermatology. This is likely compounded by many factors, possibly including but not limited to: self-limited dermatologic problems in pediatrics (such as viral exanthems, molluscum contagiosum, and warts, all of which may resolve with no treatment), busy family lives, and lower socioeconomic status/limited resources. We propose to initiate a non-automated, staff-initiated reminder for pediatric dermatology visits 24-48 hours prior to the pediatric dermatology appointment. This personalized call may encourage patients to cancel if they no longer need the appointment, which will allow access to appointments for more patients. The reminder would also remind patients and parents of the appointment time.

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