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Creating a Comprehensive Standard Equipment Catalog and Sanitation Guide to Improve Disinfection and Sanitation Practices

Project Description: This project aims to create a comprehensive equipment sanitation catalog, which will include type of equipment, specific unit location (if necessary), group responsible for sanitation, and appropriate disinfectant distinction. This catalog will reduce ambiguity and increase provider awareness and knowledge with regards to standard equipment sanitation practices. While this project’s main focus is the sanitation policy of standard hospital equipment, a variety of unit-specific/specialized equipment will also be included because of tendencies of equipment being used on multiple patients and by multiple staff. The project is divided into 2 phases. Phase 1 entails creating a catalog of standard equipment found throughout different units in Shands Hospital. This will be completed by using a specifically created REDCap survey that will be used as a checklist system while undergoing unit walkthroughs. No protected health information, patient identifiers, or clinical practices are being recorded. This REDCap survey is simply a tool to be used to create a database to determine standard equipment found throughout Shands Hospital. Phase 2 entails completing an equipment catalog that will delegate sanitation responsibility to the appropriate parties. This will be completed by discussing equipment sanitation practices with key stakeholders, such as the infection control team, clinical engineering, environmental services, nursing, etc. Once completed, this comprehensive catalog can be used by providers as a quick reference guide for determining which party is responsible for equipment sanitation, which disinfectant is appropriate, and where the equipment should be located. With this catalog in place, provider and hospital staff equipment cleansing ambiguity should be subsided, and thus overall knowledge with regards to equipment cleaning practices will be increased.

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MeSH Keywords: Equipment and Supplies, Hospital, Equipment Contamination, Organization and Administration, Policy Making, Sanitation