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Improving compliance of sending discharge summaries from the Cardiac ICU

Project Description: After working in the Cardiac ICU for several months, it was noted that the discharge summaries are periodically not being sent to referring physicians, when the patient is referred from an outside institution. This will cause delays in the transition of care back to the cardiologist, miscommunications, or even difficulty conducting the long term followup care. The etiology of the difficulty sending discharge summaries mainly lies in the time needed to print out the document, and manually fax the item within a unit that is somewhat understaffed with multiple competing demands. A method was needed to quickly fax the document while still not placing excessive demands on the cardiac ICU staff. Within the EPIC EMR, the routing function was chosen and the percentage of faxed discharge summaries was counted in the previous one month period compared to the period of August 2017. The method using EPIC's internal functionality presented a significant time savings compared to manually faxing the document. Then, the intervention was daily reminders to route the discharge summaries to the referring cardiologist. Afterwards, the rate of compliance with faxing the discharge summary to the referring physicians was counted, and the subjective ease of which the cardiac ICU providers found it to create the fax was analyzed.

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MeSH Keywords: Critical Care Outcomes, Cardiologists, Cardiac Surgical Procedures, Intensive Care Units, Pediatric, Patient Discharge Summaries