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Tumor Lysis Syndrome in Targeted Patient Population

Project Description: There has been an increase in the number of patients admitted to receive traditionally outpatient chemotherapy due to concern for tumor lysis syndrome (TLS). These chemotherapy regimens are administered in outpatient settings due to not necessitating intensive monitoring, or continuous IV fluids and frequent labs. Due to bulky disease, there are some providers that prefer to have patients admitted for close monitoring and the ability to intervene quickly if TLS occurs. Currently, we do not know the number of patients admitted to our inpatient unit that have required clinical TLS intervention while receiving certain chemotherapy regimens. This project will identify solid tumor oncology patients with small cell lung cancer or germ cell cancer, that received cisplatin/etoposide, carboplatin/etoposide, or bleomycin/etoposide/platinum (BEP) as their chemotherapy regimen. Based on this, we will identify the rate of patients that needed clinical intervention due to development of TLS.

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MeSH Keywords: Allopurinol, Tumor Lysis Syndrome, Oncology Service, Hospital, Hematology