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Anticoagulant Adverse Drug Reactions in the Setting of Changing Renal Function

Project Description: Recent patient safety reports involving antithrombotic therapy have prompted the review of therapeutic dosing of anticoagulants in patients with fluctuating renal function. Anticoagulants, such as enoxaparin, rivaroxaban, apixaban and dabigatran, are eliminated renally, and require dose adjustments in the setting of poor renal function. This project will identify patients on therapeutic anticoagulation that also experienced a fluctuation in renal function. Based on this, we will identify the rate of patients that did not receive a pharmacist-lead clinical intervention, and those that consequently experienced a potentially fatal adverse effect.

QPI: Kristen, Dominick, (

Collaborators: Kristen, Dominick, (

Advisors: Carrie, Lagasse, (; Benjamin, Staley, (; Carl, Henriksen, (

UF Health Big Aims: Zero Harm None

MeSH Keywords: Rivaroxaban, Dabigatran, Anticoagulants, Thromboembolism, Enoxaparin, Bleeding, Renal Impairment, apixaban, fondaparinux