Project Information

Improving Fall Prevention for Community-dwelling Older Adults in Rural Primary Care

Project Description: We are conducting a workflow analysis of the three primary care providers during their daily clinic schedule. Factors such as time from arrival to time to exam room, time with provider, and what clinic activities (check in, vital signs) are conducted during a typical visit. Time from check in to end of visit will be recorded for 20 visits. A workflow map will be constructed. The workflow map is a visual representation of the activities that take place from the time a patient checks in to the clinic until the visit is concluded. The workflow analysis and map data will be used to inform how best implement our planned practice improvement strategy (i.e., falls prevention checklist). The practice improvement strategy will be rolled out and a Plan Do Study Act (PDSA) cycle will be used to evaluate if length of visit is affected by using the intervention. Time from check in to end of visit will be recorded for 20 visits after the practice improvement strategy is implemented. The data collected before and after the implementation will be compared, and we will ask for feedback from providers.

QPI: Amelie, Middlemas, (

Collaborators: Denise, Schentrup, (; (dschen@uf)

Advisors: Robert, Lucero, (

UF Health Big Aims: Reduce Variation None

MeSH Keywords: Quality Improvement, Fall Prevention, Older Adult, Primary Care, Community Dwelling