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Improving Screening for Physical Activity in a Student Health Population

Project Description: Benefits of physical activity have been well documented, including prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease, cancer and depression, but the high prevalence of physical inactivity remains a major public health concern. Current recommendations suggest that Americans engage in at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week to receive maximal health benefits. Some estimates suggest that only 8% of adult Americans achieved the recommended levels of physical activity. Recommendations for assessment include a physical activity "vital sign" that is incorporated into a patients' routine health screening and kept as a health indicator in their medical record. Currently , at Student Health, no such metric exists to determine the amount of physical activity the population of students at the University of Florida partake in. Such a metric could provide valuable information regarding the current activity level of students and could be monitored over time to provide opportunities for counseling and support for adopting a healthy lifestyle. This project is intended to assess the current rate of screening for physical activity at Student Health and determine an appropriate intervention to improve the rate of screening for exercise and physical activity in this population.

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