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Labor and delivery Consent Video

Project Description: Patients often come to labor and delivery with expectations on what their labor will be like. Unfortunately, a lot of patients are not familiar with the intricacies of labor and delivery from pitocin to fetal monitoring to operative vaginal deliveries. This in part needs to be addressed in the clinical setting prior to labor; however, some of this process needs to be performed in the hospital prior to admission. Much time is needed in order to truly educate a patient; however, residents often have limited time to do a thorough consent. We propose the creation of a standard video to be shown on admission to L&D which would serve as an educational and a consent video.

QPI: Kristin, Briscoe, (

Collaborators: Amelia, Schaub, (; Sarah, Evans, (

Advisors: Sharon, Byun, (

UF Health Big Aims: Enhance the Patient Experience None

MeSH Keywords: Informed Consent, Labor, Obstetric, consent, labor and delivery