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Analysis of UF quality data from the Quality Outcomes Databank (IRB 201300564)

Project Description: I serve as the coordinator/gatekeeper for the IRB project above. This registry is conducted in more than 100 locations throughout the US. At this point, it behooves us to review the UF data accumulated to determine the quality of care based on patient perceptions of their well-being collected at baseline, 3 months, and 12 months. The Principal Investigator, Dr. Daniel J Hoh, has asked for an excel spreadsheet of the data collected to date. Dr. Hoh does not have access to this data, I would need to download the data requested and do not intend to include most identifiers in the data set. Furthermore, all data downloaded would be retrospective (data collected through November 22, 2017). The only potential identifier would be date of surgery; however, there are approximately 150 patients in the cervical branch of the registry and approximately 245 patients in the lumbar branch of the registry. Data has been collected for more than three years, so it is highly unlikely that any particular person could be identified by date of surgery. Dr. Hoh has stated that he intends to use this data for quality control purposes.

QPI: Linda Kephart, Fallon, (

Collaborators: Daniel, Hoh, (


UF Health Big Aims: Enhance the Patient Experience None

MeSH Keywords: (No journal article), Spine surgery, spinal stenosis, lumbar disc herniation, laminectomy, discectomy