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Improvements of Cardiovascular Disease Management for Women Veterans at Malcom Randall VA Medical Center

Project Description: The VA collects health outcome measures on various categories including ischemic heart disease, tobacco cessation, behavioral health, prevention, and diabetes. These outcome measures are separated according to gender to determine if there are any disparities in care and outcome measures in terms of males and females. Upon review, there seems to be a major disparity among women ages 50-64 in regards to cardiovascular disease management. The goal of this project is to look into the protocol and procedures of the VAMC to determine if there are any discrepancies in care, and whether care is being carried out in an effective manner. Ultimately, the goal is to determine whether policy changes or new recommendations are needed to reduce this health outcome disparity to ensure that women are receiving the proper care for cardiovascular disease management. The use of a data set extracted from VA databases with standardized scores was analyzed to find trends regarding gender health disparities. This database included standardized scores and sample sizes from multiple dates for VA medical facilities nationwide. After examining trends, the baseline measure of the gender disparity for cardiovascular disease management was determined. A policy and protocol analysis will be utilized to determine the effectiveness of care. This will be done by reviewing related literature of cardiovascular disease management methods and by consulting stakeholders and physicians in the facility about protocol. After reviewing trends, conclusions will be drawn to consider effectiveness of policy and procedure.

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