Project Information

Improving communication between anesthesia providers during the perioperative period.

Project Description: This project will attempt to standardize and improve interpersonal and group communications within the anesthesia department as relates to preoperative (including day before surgery planning), intraoperative, and postoperative discussions. This encompasses both communications for educational purposes (sharing of scholarly materials) and also patient care purposes (messages about the status of an ongoing case). Current practice involves an adhoc mixture of email, phone calls, text messages and pagers which is often complicated by inadequate information about urgency (as in pagers) or poor phone reception inside the hospital (as in phone calls and SMS messages). It is hoped that improving this situation will improve patient safety, reduce variance in patient care and reduce delays in care caused by missed communications.

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Advisors: Samsun, Lampotang, (

UF Health Big Aims: Reduce Variation None

MeSH Keywords: Smartphone, Communication, Hospital Shared Services, Text Messaging