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Determining if adequate cancer screenings are being performed in patients with advanced renal disease.

Project Description: Standard health care maintenance incorporates age related cancer screenings for secondary prevention. Specific screening recommendations for the general population are well outlined in numerous literature and vary slightly. For the purpose of this study, guidelines from the USPSTF were selected. The focus of this research, will be to determine if adequate health care maintenance screenings are being performed on those patients Advanced renal disease. Advanced renal disease will be defined as those patients with a stable glomerular filtration rate of less than 15ml/min which reflects a very severely reduced kidney function. This particular population has a greater incidence of malignancy which is especially true when examining viral mediated cancers. This includes hepatitis B&C infection which is seen with liver cancer and Human Papiloma Virus which is associated with cervical and oral cancer. Additionally, the highest incidence of cancers are seen in those less than the age of 35 years old. These examples are offered to point out the need for adequate cancer screenings in Advanced renal disease patients on an individualized basis when taking into account life expectancy and risk factors. During this research block I intend to retrospectively chart review those patients with advanced renal disease as defined above and determine if adequate cancer screenings have been implemented over the past 6 months. As this will be a quality improvement project, after data is collected I will work with informatics to create a standardized template that can be employed within the clinic to allow for clinicians to adequately screen patients and ensure that appropriate guidelines are implemented.   

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