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The Effect on Staff Morale and Parental Perceptions of Overall Experience After Modifying Outpatient Clinic Decor.

Project Description: Our project is a before and after assessment of how parental and staff perceptions may change after giving our outpatient clinic a make over with new paint and artwork painted by our resident group. Pediatric staff members will be educated as far as when to give surveys, collect them, and where to store the information once obtained. Informed consent procedure will take place in the waiting room before the patient's appointment. Surveys will be offered to all parents of patients that are scheduled for an appointment during the "pre-intervention" time and the "post-intervention" time. Staff will be offered surveys to complete on their own time. The survey is anonymous with the only demographic information obtained being race, sex, age of parent, and relation to patient. Demographic information of staff will include age, sex, race, and position. The survey is 9 questions long and includes questions to screen for individuals who do not like art at all and/or may be biased because the care they received was unsatisfactory. Similarly, the staff member questionnaire inquires about one's like/dislike for art and assess current stress level when taking this survey. These should account for confounding variables. The survey generally determines if participants like what they see, which areas of the clinic are appropriate or lacking, and if the color change and added decorations affect the overall experience/staff morale. Staff responses will be collected over time and parent responses will be collected at the end of their child's visit. Results will be stored in Dr. Wilkinson's office. After we collected a good pre-intervention group, we will then start painting the rooms and adding the artwork. No surveys will be performed at this time. Once all interventions are completed, we will resume giving out new post-intervention surveys. As it may be difficult to have all the exact same parents follow up, we will not be pairing the parental pre-and post groups.

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MeSH Keywords: Nurses, Pediatric, Environment Design, Office Visits, Paint, Patient Satisfaction