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Code button in the main OR

Project Description: Currently, in case of a code in the OR, the OR nurse circulator has to press a button which lights up a light in the OR front desk. No sounds are produced by the button. Somebody needs to be physically present at the front desk to be able to see the light going off on the wall, to then call the OR where the light originated from and ask what is going on. The nurse circulator has to answer the phone and communicate to the front desk that there is a code situation, and that all available anesthesia providers have to go to that OR. The front desk person at that point has to contact the AIC (Anesthesiologist in Charge), and request to send any available personnel to the OR where the code is. This quality improvement project is necessary, in order to improve the "code button system", as the current system requires too many people to communicate to each other before help can be sent to the OR in need.

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UF Health Big Aims: Zero Harm None

MeSH Keywords: Patient Safety, in-hospital cardiac arrest, Code blue, Code button in the OR, Anesthesia