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Urgent ICU to OR Handoff Improvement

Project Description: The urgent transfers from the ICU are some of the sickest patients that arrive to the OR; the handoffs from the ICU staff to the OR staff are some of the least organized and hurried transfers that occur. 80% of serious medical errors involve miscommunication during handoffs between medical providers; we see this ICU transfer process as a way to improve patient safety and improve safe transfer to timely, life-saving surgery.

QPI: Christopher, Schwan, (

Collaborators: Oleksiy, Zyernov, (; Christopher, Schwan, (; Kaitlin, Kamrowski, (; Guy, Kositratna, (

Advisors: Oleksiy, Zyernov, (

UF Health Big Aims: Zero Harm None

MeSH Keywords: Anesthesiologists, Operating Room Nursing, handoff, crna, anesthsiology assistant, icu nurse, emergency surgery, critical care, surgery attending