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Improving Patient Asthma Education through Hands-on Training

Project Description: Patients at the medical plaza clinic do not typically bring aerochambers or inhalers to their appointments. As a result, patient education regarding the use of their inhalers/aerochambers is limited as we are not able to give patients disposable aerochambers or disposable mouth pieces leading to limited teaching of their medications. As limited by such constraints, pharmacy typically teaches patients through a doll rather than having the patient/parent actually place their inhalers/aerochambers to their face and practice technique. This project seeks to enhance the patient education experience and thus improve inhaler technique by reminding patients via telephone one to two days beforehand to bring their inhalers/aerochambers to their appointments. Through the pharmacy student or administrative staff, for the first two weeks, we will not contact families (Asthma return patients only) to remind them about bringing asthma inhaler/aerochamber and tally what % of patients bring their devices. The pharmacy will teach the patients on their technique with either the doll or hands on depending if the family brings their device or not. Then for the following 2 weeks, we will telephone families one to two days beforehand to remind them to bring their asthma inhaler/aerochamber and tally what % of these patients bring their devices. Those who bring their devices will be taught hands on and those who do not will be taught via the doll. We will then compare the numbers to see if our reminders were effective in increasing hands on teaching vs doll teaching. We will use a brief survey for those who did receive phone reminders and who did bring their inhaler inquiring whether 1) whether calling beforehand helped remind them to bring them their inhaler, 2) whether they had been taught with the doll before 3) If they felt hands on teaching was more beneficial than doll teaching and 4) If hands on teaching helped improve their inhaler technique.

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MeSH Keywords: Metered Dose Inhalers, Asthma, Education, Hands-on Training, Aerochamber