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“There’s no place like home”: outcomes after implementation of a patient-centered approach to post-operative disposition following joint replacement surgery.

Project Description: With rising healthcare costs and the creation of a prospective payment system for patients undergoing total joint replacement surgery, many institutions have begun to critically evaluate the entire episode of a patient’s care. One of the largest drivers of total cost is the post-acute phase of care (i.e. after hospital discharge). This is highly dependent on the patient’s disposition, with higher costs historically associated with discharges to skilling nursing (SNF) and inpatient rehabilitation (IRF) facilities. Concurrently, advances in surgical technique, post-operative pain management, and emphasis on rapid recovery have made it possible for patients to safely be discharged to home. In addition to the exponential cost associated with post-acute care facilities, recent literature has overwhelmingly shown that outcomes are also affected by disposition. Specifically, discharges to SNF/IRF have been linked to longer hospitalizations, higher complication rates, and higher hospital readmission rates. As a division, we felt that this represented an opportunity to improve our own discharge practices in order to improve value and the overall experience for patients undergoing total joint arthroplasty.

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