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Introduction of a Patient Check-in Form in the Outpatient Dermatology Clinic

Project Description: On recent Press-Ganey surveys, several patients noted frustration at having to explain their complaint to several people within one clinic visit (the MA checking them in, the resident, and again to the attending). Some patients expressed concern over long wait times. In addition, we noted that we were sometimes under-billing due to incomplete patient history information. To ameliorate these concerns, we proposed the addition of a patient history check-in form. This would serve three goals: 1) The MA would not be required to ask the patient the chief complaint, instead simply pass on what was written on the check-in form. 2) Patients would be less anxious about prolonged wait times if they were spending some of it filling out the form; it also could increase clinic flow and focus clinic visits by asking patients more specific questions based on information entered on the form. 3) Residents and attendings could use the information on the form to verify additional ROS and past medical, social, and family history. The form will be trialed in 1 clinic, and after 1 month of use, providers and MAs who work in that clinic will be surveyed on it's utility.

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MeSH Keywords: Patient Satisfaction, Workflow