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Increasing Referrals to Smoking Cessation Resources in Cardiology Patients

Project Description: Cigarette smoking is common among cardiac patients. Through Florida AHEC, there is a smoking cessation class available that is free to the community. The class is led by a smoking cessation trained counselor who goes through the seven steps for smoking cessation as well as tips and tricks. There is a referral order available to Epic that can be placed on discharge to refer patients to the smoking cessation program. As of January 10th, 2018, the order can be placed by physicians and nursing and there will be a reminder on discharge for smoking patients, where as prior to that it could only be placed by physicians. This change will hopefully increase the amount of referrals to the smoking cessation program and in turn increase the number of patients who stop smoking.

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MeSH Keywords: Cardiology Service, Hospital, Smoking Cessation