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Decreasing CAUTI Using an External Female Urinary Catheter

Project Description: Purpose: The aim of this project was to reduce incidence of CAUTI and foley utilization in an 8 bed Burn ICU by trialing an external female urinary catheter. The burn population is a high user of internal urinary catheters due to a systemic vasodilation and third spacing, lack of skin causing fluid losses, multiple operations with great fluid and blood losses all leading to a greater need to closely monitor I/O's. We wanted to see if use of an external female urinary catheter would allow us to lower our uses of internal catheters, decrease CAUTI, and accurately assess intake and output.

QPI: Laura, Roberson, (



UF Health Big Aims: Zero Harm None

MeSH Keywords: External Female Urinary Catheter, CAUTI, Nurse Sensitive Indicators, Urinary Catheter, Fluid shift