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Neuromedicine MyUFHealth Activation Assistance

Project Description: UF Health adopted its own patient portal called MyUFHealth on October 20, 2010, and despite the potential advantages to patients, enrollment into MyUFHealth has been slow to permeate all service-line areas including Neuromedicine, specifically Neurology and Neurosurgery. As of December 2016, enrollment into MyUFHealth was reported to be 32% in Neurosurgery, and 46% in Neurology. Institutionally, the median utilization rates hover around 70%. Research has shown that increased enrollment in patient portals has the potential for better clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction. In a comprehensive study conducted by Kaiser, the investigators determined that the use of secured patient- physician email was significantly associated with improved performance for all HEDIS measures. The proportion of patients whose measures improved ranged from 4 percent to about 11 percent. In view of this, the Neuromedicine Interdisciplinary Clinical & Academic Program (NICAP) leadership created an initiative to increase patient enrollment in MyUFHealth. This initiative consists several layers, which includes trained undergraduates actively promoting the benefits of the portal to eligible patients, encouraging and offering enrollment assistance, educational and promotional materials, as well as push email notifications upon checkout. This particular intervention was implemented because studies have shown that most patients are un-interested in enrolling for the portal due to a lack of information and motivation. Using trained interns as an information resource and agents for providing physical and emotional motivation will allow for onsite enrollment and increased knowledge of the portal and its functionalities.

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Collaborators: Vincent, Fitzpatrick, (; Juan, Pulido, (; (

Advisors: Jacqueline, Baron-Lee, (

UF Health Big Aims: Enhance the Patient Experience None

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