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Neuromedicine PersPectivE (PPE) Rounds

Project Description: Patients within the UF Health Neuromedicine inpatient floors offer a variety of different thoughts on their experiences within the health system. In an effort to support the Neuromedicine Interdisciplinary Clinical & Academic Program’s mission to create the perfect patient experience, the Perfect Patient Experience Rounds initiative was created. In this initiative, specially trained NICAP undergraduate interns round on our patients on the Neuro ICU and MedSurg floors, giving them a very brief survey to gain insight on how our inpatient floors are performing across the domains of tidiness, noisiness, patient discomfort, nurse attentiveness, doctor attentiveness, and how pleasant the staff is overall. This ultimately provides staff with actionable feedback so that we may make our patients’ experiences as pleasant as possible.

QPI: Christa, Ochoa, (

Collaborators: Vincent, Fitzpatrick, (; Juan, Pulido, (; Leilani, Johnson, (

Advisors: Jacqueline, Baron-Lee, (

UF Health Big Aims: Enhance the Patient Experience None

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