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Neuromedicine Patient Education Video

Project Description: Literature has shown that optimizing preoperative expectations can lead to improved patient satisfaction as well as shorter length of stays. In order to have consistent and impactful patient education, this quality improvement project will create a video to serve as an educational tool for patients and will walk them through the various settings Neuromedicine patients are exposed to throughout their continuum of care at UF Health. The video will be played in the waiting room of ambulatory clinics and television screens in patient rooms on the Neuro-Med-surgery floor and Neuro-ICU. The video will cover each location as part of the larger walkthrough with a voice over explanation which will stress that any patient could end up in any of these settings at some point. The video will begin in an ambulatory setting (Neuromedicine clinic and 34th St. Clinic) and walk through the potential experiences a patient might have. This video will follow an if-then structure where the patient will see what to expect if they need surgery or if they need to return for clinic visits. The video will follow each pathway through the various potential locations, all the way through to discharge or the sustainability step. The video will be filmed through the point of view of a patient and feature all of the healthcare providers the patient may come into contact with. Ideally, by reviewing education materials such as the expectation video, patients will have more informed expectations which will lead to improved perceptions and better health outcomes.

QPI: Michael, Kramer, (

Collaborators: Hannah, Fulmer, (; Jean, Saltivan, (; Michael, Kramer, (; Saikrishnapriya, Gunasegaran, (

Advisors: Jacqueline, Baron-Lee, (

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MeSH Keywords: Length of Stay, Patient Compliance, Patient Education as Topic, Medication Adherence, Postoperative Care