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An Interdisciplinary ED Super Utilizer Task Force Makes Meaningful Change

Project Description: An interdisciplinary task force was created to assist with emergency department (ED) frequent visitors or super utilizers through the EEPC ED Care Redesign’s direction and became UF Health’s Vizient Performance Improvement Collaborative project. This task force chose our top 25 super utilizers with the UF Health system to assess targeted interventions by leveraging community resources while providing specific patient care coordination plans to providers and staff to view. These best practice alerts (BPA) represent the task force’s recommendations for consistent, evidence-based care to each patient. The initial cohort of 25 patients was reviewed over the year 2017. The scope of the problem within this cohort in 2016 was a total of 818 ED visits and 258 ED admissions with a mean ED length of stay (LOS) of 8.5 hours.

QPI: Julie, Richter, (

Collaborators: Maribeth, Porter, (****); Anthony, Clarizio, (; Duke, Lim, (; Brandon, Allen, (; Kimberly, Lynch, (

Advisors: Brandon, Allen, (

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