Project Information

Use of Paramedics for ED intake of EMS patients.

Project Description: The emergency department receives at least sixty (60) patients via EMS each day. Many of these patients arrive simultaneously, and at peak volume times in the department when there are limited care spaces available. Often times, it can be hard to judge, based on EMS report alone, who is the "sickest " patient and needs the first available care space. In recognizing this, we felt the need to add an additional screening process for the patients arriving via ambulance.

QPI: Carolyn, Holland, (

Collaborators: Brandon, Allen, (; Wendy, Wilkerson, (; Lara, Thompson, (

Advisors: Thomas, Payton, (

UF Health Big Aims: Zero Harm None

MeSH Keywords: Emergency Medical Services, Triage, Patient Safety, emergency department, ed throughput