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Role of tranexamic acid in reducing perioperative blood loss in spine surgery

Project Description: Multilevel laminectomy or multilevel spine surgery with instrumentation carries a medium risk of blood loss, which may require allogenic blood transfusion. Previous studies of TXA revealed positive outcomes of bleeding reduction in spine cases. TXA has been commonly used in many institution in and outside the US. At our institution, we still do not have a protocol of TXA used in spine cases. We conduct a study looking at the rate of TXA use amd the dose commonly ordered for spine cases in our hospital. Also, we will create a protocol for TXA and implement it in such operation. Overall, the aim of our project is to get at least 80% compliance by anesthesia providers and aim at reducing blood loss in spine cases. The project will be divided into two phases. Phase I is to look retrospectively for the patients undergoing spine surgeries during the past years. We will focus on the rate and common dose regimen of TXA used in our hospital, and whether or not it reduced perioperative blood loss. Phase II of the project is to create a standard protocol of TXA use and implement it to anesthesia providers responsible for such operation. The goal is to achieve at least 80% compliance from the anesthesia providers in using TXA. We also will compare the perioperative blood loss between prior and after the implementation of the protocol. We hope that this will finally change the routine practice in our hospital.

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MeSH Keywords: Spine surgery, Tranexamic acid, Laminectomy, Laminectomy with instrumentation, Scoliosis correction surgery, Perioperative blood loss