Project Information

Improving HPV Immunization Rates in UF Health Clinic

Project Description: I will assess the effectiveness of current clinic protocol regarding HPV immunizations, identify barriers in the clinic protocol and implement changes to improve immunization rates. The date will be collected by monthly chart review of 11-16 yo patients seen in UF Health clinic. The data collected will include: type of visit, patient’s HPV immunization status, if due for HPV was it offered, if offered did they decline/accept the vaccine, if they accepted was the vaccine in stock and if not did they return for vaccine or go to health department, parental and patient HPV knowledge (via anonymous surveys); if they were starting the series were they scheduled for the second dose and were they registered for the EMR reminder system. No patient identifying data was collected, it was strictly a Quality Improvement project. The project began in June 2017 and will continue for at least 1 year. Thus far after reviewing HPV immunization status it was identified a significant number of patients overdue for HPV were due to missed opportunities because of lack of a reminder system. Data collection and intervention so far has been over a 6 month period. This QI project is still ongoing.

QPI: Catherine, Silva, (

Collaborators: (Wells,; (Mirza,

Advisors: (Mirza,

UF Health Big Aims: Reduce Variation None

MeSH Keywords: HPV immunization, missed vaccination opportunities, parent hesitancy, patient knowledge, reminder system