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Interactive Iowa Model: EBP, QI, and Research for Nurses

Project Description: Evidence based nursing practice, Quality Improvement (QI), and research play key roles in the systematic actions that lead to measurable improvement in nursing care services. As such, nurses within a large academic medical center need both a mechanism and resources to support efforts that will lead to evidence based clinical practice, initiation and continuation of QI initiatives, and to develop and conduct scientific inquiry. Integral nurses' success are provision and communication of resource availability and processes for QI and research. Nurse leaders have advocated for a systematic process that would enhance the capture, communication, collaboration, and dissemination of EBP, QI, and research projects. A gap analysis identified deficiencies such as a) lack of awareness of process as measured by education needs assessment, b) inconsistent communication from clinical nurses to nurse leaders about EBP, QI, and research initiatives.

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Collaborators: Elno, Palonpon, (; Laurie, Duckworth, (


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