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Clinical Validation of R-T Estimation for Coaguchek XS INR Results

Project Description: "The Anticoagulation Clinic at the University of Florida (UF) Health Cardiovascular Center is staffed by a hematologist, pharmacists and pharmacy students. The census of the clinic is about 210 patients with a wide array of indications for anticoagulation therapy. The clinic uses the CoaguChek XS¨ for most patients for in-clinic monitoring. Traditionally, a venous draw was performed on any CoaguChek XS¨ INR values >4 due to accuracy concerns. This step increases patient cost, wait time and can strain our available resources. Thus, a calculation to correct CoaguChek XS¨ INRÕs above 4 to a predicted venipuncture level was developed and previously reported.1 The equation, 0.621 x CXS INR + 0.639 = venipuncture INR (the R-T Estimation), correlates to a venipuncture INR in their anticoagulation clinic. While the equation was able to provide an estimation of the venipuncture, it was not accurate enough to be called a surrogate for the venipuncture. The purpose of the current study was to provide validation of using the calculation in terms of effect on clinical patient care decisions."

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