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UF Health Personalized Medicine Program

Project Description: There is substantial evidence that nearly all diseases have a heritable (genetic) component, and that both efficacious and adverse responses of many drugs are significantly influenced by genetic variability. Despite the substantial number of important genetic discoveries, there are limited examples of translation to practice. There are numerous examples for pharmacogenetics, that are clinically actionable; and 10% of all drugs contain pharmacogenetic information in their FDA-approved product label. However, despite incorporation of pharmacogenetic information into the FDA labels of a large number of drugs, including boxed warnings in some cases, there is limited uptake of pharmacogenetic testing in the clinical setting. There are numerous potential causes for the limited clinical translation. The UF Health Personalized Medicine Program (PMP) seeks to continue to implement pharmacogenetic testing into UF Health, overcome a majority of these barriers, and facilitate adoption of genomic medicine into clinical practice.

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UF Health Big Aims: Zero Harm None

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