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Respiratory Isolation Practices at the University of Florida

Project Description: Description: Tuberculosis has been declining in incidence in the US for the last 20 years but despite this decline, TB is still relatively common in high risk groups. However, many patients who are low risk for TB can have clinical presentations that mimic TB and will end up being isolated in the hospital for prolonged periods of time increasing the length of stay inappropriately. New guidelines are coming out from CDC that may help reduce length of stay without compromising infection control practices. It is unknown what the outcomes are of patients isolated at UF Health nor is it known what the impact is on length of stay. We propose establishing a baseline study of the characteristics of patients who are put on respiratory isolation and assessing what the risk factors are for prolonged length of stay in isolation and the accuracy of properly identifying patients who should be on isolation.

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MeSH Keywords: Tuberculosis, isolation, AFB sputum smears, infectiousness, Non-tuberculous mycobacteria